Recommended Food for an Optimal Digestion

The equilibrium between the mental and physical health is assured, mainly, by the diet we adopt. The tiredness, irascibility, stomach pains and bloating are products of an unhealthy and chaotic diet. For assuring an easy digestion and a healthier mind and body, it is recommended to take into consideration the edibles that you consume on a daily bass and to stay as far away as possible from fast-food, which is very difficult to digest.

An optimal digestion helps improving the immune system, is essential for detox and for nutritional absorption and it also fixes the hormonal system. Along with the arrival of spring, we should take into consideration starting a diet based mainly on vegetables and fruits, because our organism needs a period of detox, in order to recover after the great amount of meat consumed in the cold season.

The nutritionists recommend food that help us have an easy and fast digestion, which you can find in our menu, in various courses:

1. Vegetables: they represent a natural source of fibers and that is why they should always be present in a diet followed by someone who wants to have a great amount of energy that can last for an entire day and to forget about digestive discomforts that can occur because of an inadequate nourishment. In our restaurant we have lots recipes that are based on vegetables, such as cold mezze: Baba-Ghanuj, Moutabal, salads: Fatush, Tabbule, Rocca, Lebanese Salad, Olives and zatar salad, Four Seasons Salad and Halloumi-Baby Spinach Salad.

2. Legumes: the lentil, the chickpea, the pea and the beans are also rich in fibers and they should be consumed as often as possible, because they are great for digestion. At Four Seasons you can find traditional snacks that contain a large amount of legumes, such as Homos, Foul Moudamas, Musabaha or Fate. Also, you can opt for Falafel or a chickpea soup.

3. Condiments such as cilantro, cardamom, ginger, cummin, basil leaves, because all of them stimulate the digestive process. We use these condiments especially for meat courses.

4. Fruits: it is indicated to eat fruits daily, because they are rich in vitamins and fibers, especially pears, apples, strawberries and bananas. We recommend you a light dessert, named Beirut Night with Bananas, which is not only very tasty, but also healthy, because it contains milk cream with rose flowers’ essence, honey and nuts.

Also, do not forget to make at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily and to drink at least 2 liters of liquids, preferably water, do that the digestive apparatus to be completely stimulated.

Recommended Food for an Optimal Digestion at Four Seasons in Bucharest
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